the culture of strategy

"If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves." Thomas Edison. The results and success of your company depend largely on your ability to define and put into practice an productive strategy.


Do you speak strategy?

Strategy is a way of thinking and structurizing your ideas. By developing the Strategy Short Track or SST we wanted to demystify strategy and make it pragmatic for SMB's which means: simple, rapid and efficient. This open source method is available for free download on my blog. The SST is based on simple but pertinent questions which will guide your thinking process.


Try the SST Strategy Short Track

Is your mind under pressure of too many questions, thoughts, answers which come and go as they like. How would it be if you could put them in a structure and liberate your mind and by doing so dispose of a pragmatical strategy and efficient action plan? This is exactly the reason why we conceived the Strategy Short Track.


Three simple and pragmatic

The SST is build around three simples and pragmatic steps which allow you to introduce your ideas and to get a better understanding how they are connected among each other.


Step 1: Do the analysis

- which is my domain of strategic activity and which added value you do we bring?

- which are my strengths and weaknesses to create the added value?

- how well do we perform compared to our competition?

download your copy here


Step 2: define the strategies

- which are the dynamics (threats and opportunities)in my branch?

- how do my strength and weaknesses relate to these dynamics?

- which strategies do I need to develop in order to benefit from it?

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Step 3 : make it work!

- which are the actions we need to undertake?

- how do we plan?

- which are the control tools to assess if my strategy works well?

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SMB packages with satisfied or money back guarantee

We propose coaching packages for strategy development based on the SST with satisfied or money back guarantee.