The culture of empathy

stop selling, help to buy!

Do you sell or do you help to buy? It's simply a question of who do you think is in control of the process, the customer or you?


There is a lot of evidence, which suggests you should consider that the customer is in control and that helping buying instead of hard selling provides the best business opportunities for your company.

Can you communicate efficiently when you ignore how it feels like to be your customer? Do you know which are the needs of your customer in the buying process of your product or service?


How does it feel to be your customer?

The analysis of your customer's needs in the different stages of the buying process will help you understand which messages are useful and necessary in which stage of the process. As a result, you will be able to help your customer take the best decision with respect to his needs.


Your messages will be clear for each stage

The analysis of the buying process will learn you which are the key messages for each of the stages.

Indeed if you respect the golden rule that each stage has its specific messages, you will be able to improve significantly the efficiency of your communication.


You'll know what and why you write it

Once the messages are established you will always know what to write and why you write it. Wether you need to write content for the website, a flyer, a brochure, a powerpoint presentation, etc. the messages are ready to be applied and the only thing you need to do is to integrate them in the select media.


You'll know which media for which stage

The buying process analysis concludes with a media mix which appoints for each media in which stage of the buying process it will be used and thus which are the messages to deploy in each medium.